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Shogun Japanese Sushi Restaurant - Davenport, Iowa - April 2012

After much research, I can now say confidently this is my favorite place for sushi in the Quad Cities.

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Casa Lucas Madrid, Spain - April 2011

One of the best meals of my life.  I couldn’t remember exactly what the dishes were called, but I can still almost taste them!  Oxtail Meatballs & Calamari and Bacon with Squid Ink.

Calamares - Fardos de Calamares con Bacon y Mousse de Tinta de Calamar

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Zebra Restaurant - Charlotte, NC - March 23, 2012

A wonderful Bridesmaid’s Luncheon was held in this cute restaurant, complete with mimosas, wildly heavy entrees, muffins, raspberries, lovely women, tears and gifts.

Thanks to everyone for such an amazing wedding weekend for the beautiful bride, Gudrun!

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Bubba’s Burgers - Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii - October 2011

Standard Beach fare.  No frills, and as they say on their website, “We’ve gotta deal with the health food restaurant next door.  We don’t serve anything HEALTHY, and they don’t serve anything that TASTES GOOD!!”

Ben had an incredible strawberry shake and we both had burgers “no onions” (which you have to specifically request).  Even better than the food, is the view of the ocean, just across the street!

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22 Degrees North - Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii - October 19, 2012

Special Birthday dinner while on honeymoon in Hawaii!

22 degrees North is a Farm to Table restaurant with an ever-changing seasonal menu.  Unfortunately it was too dark to get good photos of our food, but everything was delicious!  I especially loved my Cucumber-Fennel Mojito!


Love this video!  So many places, so much wonderful food.  Can’t wait until my next adventure!

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Ben’s Delicious Alfredo with Penne, Chicken and Broccoli.

There are several sauces on my ‘Won’t Eat’ list, simply because they’re not worth indulging in.  Gravies, Hollandaise, and Alfredo.  I also find it a craps shoot ordering these items in restaurants.  They could be good, or they could just be okay, and then I’m indulging for no reason!  Ben’s Alfredo, however, is TOTALLY worth the indulgence. 

So good, so not healthy.

PS.  He won’t share the recipe, you’ll just have to get him to make it for you sometime!

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Chestnut Street Inn - Sheffield, Illinois - March, 9 2012 Dinner

This was a fun dinner to as the final celebration of Ben’s 30th Birthday.  We celebrated with my folks at Chestnut Street Inn, Bed and Breakfast, where fun and friendly owners Monkia and Jeff Sudakov also host dinners for 12-15 people.

Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus with Hollandaise and Balsamic Reduction - One of my favorite parts of the meal, though I think I would have enjoyed it equally if not more without the Hollandaise.

Tomato Bisque with Claytonia Greens - the other of my favorite courses.  Monika uses the Claytonia Greens because they don’t wilt with the heat and she is able to buy them from a local farmer.  They were a nice crunchy and mild taste which paired well with the creamy and spicy tomato bisque!

Rolls and Butter - One of my Dad’s favorite parts.  Some of the ingredients & sauces were not quite his thing, though he was a very good sport throughout the meal.

Wild Alaskan Salmon with Pecans and Maple Mustard Sauce and Whipped Sweet Potatoes - I think I was most disappointed with this course.  I think partially because I was most looking forward to it.  The salmon was a bit overcooked and the sauce was incredibly sweet!  The Sweet potatoes were very smooth and were good, but were overpowered by the sweet sauce on the plate.

Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding - My dad’s (and his extreme sweet tooth’s) other favorite course, and another one I was slightly disappointed with.  Fairly standard bread pudding with chocolate throughout.

They also served delicious Chestnut coffee with dessert!

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Borough Market - London 2009

One of my favorite days in London and by far Best raw Oyster I’ve ever had!

Pimm’s / Samples

Borough Market / Pizza Panini / Stilton

Oysters / Dorothy

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My attempt at Beef & Broccoli was delicious!